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Golden Ridge Teaching Academy

Teaching Academy Rates
New - Elite Junior Program

Gordie Burns - Head Teaching Professional
CPGA Certified Instructor
Former CPGA Touring Professional & Canadian Tour member

Gordie offers a variety of lesson packages and programs that are certain to meet your needs. The academy provides beginner clinics, custom clinics, ladies clinics, corporate clinics, junior clinics, semi-private and private lessons, as well as playing lessons on the on-site "Learning & Practice" golf course.

Last year saw record levels of players flocking to the academy. The reputation of Gordie Burns and his understanding of the golf swing is spreading throughout the GTA. Decorated amateurs, juniors, ladies, beginners and even other golf professionals seek out Gordie's coaching to improve their game.

Gordie's Profile
This year will be Gordie's 7th year as Head Teaching Professional at Golden Ridge Golf. Gordie brings a highly decorated tournament record along with his teaching experience to give you the best information and exercises to make you a better player. He understands the needs of different skill levels and designs a proper practice regime for that specific individual.

Gordie was a member of the Canadian Tour from 1999-2003 and also found himself competing amongst the field of PGA tour pros at the 2002 Canadian Open, where he shot 65 as low qualifier. Since turning professional in 1997, Gordie has 12 professional victories, as well as 3 provincial championships. Although he is more committed to teaching, he still competes on a fairly regular basis.

Beginner Clinics
The beginner clinics are a series of 5 1-hour classes with a maximum of 6 students per class. The small class size provides the student with a high degree of attention to grasp and perform the fundamentals. All aspects of the game are covered including; chipping, putting, sand play, pitching, full swing, as well as any other concerns an individual may have. The classes run for 5 consecutive weeks, and the academy allows a student to make up 1 missed class if needed.

Beginner Clinic (4-6 people) $99 per person for 5 one hour classes
Clinic Ball Special: $29 a Value Card of 5 Large buckets

Typical Clinic Dates:
Monday : 6:30 - 7:30pm or 7:30 - 8:30pm
Wednesday : 6:15 - 7:15pm or 7:30 - 8:30pm
Thursday : 6:30 - 7:30pm or 7:30 - 8:30pm
Saturday : 1:00 - 2:00pm
Sunday : 11:00am - 12:00pm

Please call for start dates
Other clinics may be added as necessary based on demand (for example, weekday mornings)

Custom Clinics
The custom clinics, ladies clinics, and corporate clinics are special clinics designed around the needs of that particular group. A custom clinic can cover the contents and format of a beginner clinic (see info above). A minimum of 4 people is required to make up one of these clinics. Examples of special arrangements would the number of people exceeds 6, you require more than an hour time slot or you want to be flexible on times that are convenient for the group. Just call in to arrange the details. Examples of rates are listed below.

$99 per person - 5 one hour classes (min. 4 people). Choose your preferred time slot
Clinic Ball Special: $29 a Value Card of 5 Large buckets

Junior Clinics
The junior clinics are a series of 5 1-hour classes designed to introduce kids to the etiquettes and fundamentals of golf. The ages are 6-12 yrs old and are available on weekends only. If you are looking for a summer golf camp, please see our camp section since we offer full and half day weekly golf camps during the summer break.

$99 per child for 5 one hour classes (4 to 6 kids, ages 6-12)
Clinic Ball Special: $29 a Value Card of 5 Large buckets

Typical junior clinics dates during the summer:

Saturday : 11:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday : 1:00 - 2:00pm

Private/Semi-Private Lessons
Private lessons are designed for the more serious golfer who demands complete attention to detail. Whether you are a touring professional or a beginner you will find this format most beneficial. Semi-private lessons are a more economical way to have a one hour lesson. Yourself and a family member or friend may join you in a 1 hour lesson. Rates for these lessons are below.

1 Hour Lessons:
Single Lesson : $99
Series of 3 : $285
Series of 5 : $449
Only $10/per person (per lesson) for additional people to join you in your lesson.

30 Minute Lessons:
Single Lesson : $69
Series of 3 : $199
Series of 5 : $299
Please call, email or see the front desk for available booking times

On-Course Lessons
With the addition of our Learning & Practice Course which consists of three par 3 practice holes which can be played 9 different ways, the academy is now able to offer on-course instruction. Students who complete the clinics found these playing lessons especially beneficial as they could then confidently take what they learned and apply it on the course. The basics of etiquette, rules, warm-up, and golf course strategies are part of this 2 hour class. Rates are below.

$49 for a 2 hour playing lesson with 3 or more people
the academy tries to gather a minimum 3 for the playing lesson to be scheduled

$75 per person for 2 players

$150 for 1 player

Please call, email or see the front desk if you are interested

*Note: Taxes are NOT included in ALL prices listed above

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